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Whether you are just starting out and need someone to bounce ideas back and forth with, or you've already taken the steps toward production and just need someone to look after your brand, I am here to help from point A to Z and everything in between.

All services listed below are available. It is not required to hire for all services; customized quotes and mix-&-match packages are available to accommodate all your needs.


It always starts out with an idea. For a lot of entrepreneurs, the ideas that come and go in our brains can be worse than rush hour in Los Angeles, so eventually we learn to regulate or even silence some, most, or all of them. However, every once in a while, you get that one idea that comes in and sticks around. And since we allow that idea to inhabit any amount of space in our thoughts, the idea begins to snowball and we start coming up with the different branches of this idea. Eventually, it becomes one big web, and it all seems to make sense and connect until we go to try and write it down or say it out loud and realize that these ideas do connect on some level, but how? You know it’s a good idea and you know you want to introduce action to it, but where do you start? Every good thing begins by being absolutely clear about it; set an honest intention, create a route, hold true to your own personal code of ethics in its development. So set aside time to sit down and talk about it, answer the questions or come up with the answers together, bounce ideas back and forth and watch them develop right in front of you. Teamwork really is dream work.

1. clarify & consult




After you become clear with your idea, the rest of the pieces begin to naturally fall into place. All of a sudden, there’s a foggy picture of how your brand is represented, and the vision of what could be feels a bit more real…how exciting! But now you need to create consistency across the board and think about the aesthetics of your brand – what market are you in and what color palette best represents your brand AND the personality of your business, etc. In order for you to remain true to your brand, it is best to have an open dialogue when discussing how you will brand your idea. Your designs will be based on your answers in order to ensure that your new business is in line with who YOU are. This path is rarely ever a straight, and we LOVE it that way, so comb through the options provided to find what resonates with you and your brand best.

2. develop & brand



(logos, pamphlets, business cards, web design, etc.)

Ok, so now there’s the idea, and now there’s a vision of how the idea will be represented. Now the platform is ready to be built and the vision is ready to be real and functional! Together, decide what needs to be done to bring it to life.

3. design & build / build your content base





ad design

Here’s some really cool news – your idea just became a business! You’ve already had discussions about your target market, and most likely have come up with more ideas along the way on how to branch out with your newly launched business venture, but now it’s time to make it happen. Revisit those conversations about your target market and learn where your business will find its most success and flourishment by asking where, when, and how can you advertise. Together, create a timeline to launch.

4. market




Oh, so many platforms to choose from! How do you possibly use them all AND maintain them? Each social media platform has its own benefits when used properly, and although you want consistency with your business across the board, each platform has to be treated as its own. Need to create the platform? Done. Need to rebrand the platforms that already exist? Done. Need to maintain the platforms that were previously developed? Done. Need to learn how do maintain them on your own? Done. Have no fear – there’s a way to do it all!




(auditing, development, maintenance)

Everyone loves the idea of a good event, but rarely do we realize how much detail goes into planning and executing one! Hosting events is a great way to humanize a business and/or a brand, and let’s be real, no matter what kind of event we’re talking about, relative to a business or not (holiday office/home party, networking event, bachelorette, etc.), EVERYTHING needs a brand! Drawing a blank on what you should do, or maybe you have the gold-plated problem of not having enough time to plan it all out and see it through? Got you covered.

6. involve & connect


small event planning and/or management

It’s all been built and branded, what a relief! Once the wheels have all been greased and your business is rolling right along, the realization might settle in as to how many limbs of the business needs your attention on a regular basis. Since we only have the capacity to be in one place at one time (although our multitasking brains would like to convince us otherwise), it might be time for an extra pair of hands to assist in one, some, or all of the maintenance for each limb of your business; time to divide and conquer!

7. maintenance



(auditing, development, maintenance)

The one thing we always forget along the way – as such in life – is to never stop working for it. Once you have it, it’s easy to get lost and let everything run itself. One of the most important things we can do is remember WHY we’re doing it. Let your brand evolve just like you do. Maybe you outgrow it, or maybe you dissolve it and begin a new venture. Never get lost in the ease of the process; no one ever became successful by staying in one place. So maybe it’s time to ask or remind yourself why you are where you are, and (re)evaluate. Circle of life, baby – go back to step one.

8. reconsider or remember




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Lets arrange a time to get to know each other over coffee or a cocktail, talk about all your dreams, and begin the process of making your visions become a reality.  

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