Package Information and Pricing 


There is nothing quite like the love shared between a family. While I do snap a few images of everyone looking at the camera during the beginning of our session to get those classic shots we love on the front of a greeting card, I mainly focus on honing in on this love connection. There are lots of hugs, running around (gotta tire out those little ones), and some of the time we get a little dirty or wet. Embrace the messy and imperfect, and let the kiddos be themselves. The secret – just love on each other embarrassingly hard! Please note additional charges in the Portrait A La Carte page should this be for extended family portraits (more than 6 adults - over the age of 16 - be present for the session).



Because of the way these sessions are handled, it is important to wear clothing that is simply clean and comfortable. Although I love a good matchy-matchy session, consider mixing it up and tie the colors together in different ways. Don’t be afraid of letting the kids pick out their own clothes; your photos are meant to bookmark a moment in time, and if they pick out an outrageous outfit, it will be something to smile and laugh at later on and blackmail for their future partners! Typical rule-of-thumb for all photos however is to avoid bright/neon colors, bold patterns, and graphics, unless intentional. Consider the environment of your session as well as your skin complexion when choosing your colors. Darker colors are known to be flattering.


Woah, what a moment in time, and a melting pot of emotions! To best represent your session, I like to find out where you like to spend your time, what kinds of activities you are involved with in and out of school, what you see your future plans being, favorite hang-out spot, and any and every thing that represents who you are this year. 


Allow yourself to dress comfortably, in the way that you want to remember yourself as you are now. Although it is a good idea to be clean at minimum, everything about your session should be representative of who you are at this moment in time and you can remember yourself as such. Typical rule-of-thumb for all photos however is to avoid bright/neon colors, bold patterns, and graphics, unless intentional. Consider the environment of your session as well as your skin complexion when choosing your colors. Darker colors are known to be flattering.


WHAT TO Expect

MATERNITY: Typically you will book your maternity session about 6-8 weeks prior to your due date. However, this is totally dependent on the comfort level of the mama. The best way to describe this session would be slow, smooth, and full of love. One outfit is recommended for comfort and ease. If you have a partner or more children, please feel free to request to include them in the session with you. Although darker colors are best known to be most flattering, your beautiful bump tends to get lost in black or dark navy blue. Bold patterns are also encouraged to stay away from given that it will accentuate the curves you are not looking to focus on and will detract from the photo.
NEWBORN: It is recommended to book this session at the same time as you book your maternity, or as early as possible, given that once your little bundle arrives it is safe to say you will be fairly distracted (and understandably so). You will look to have the session in your calendar for 7-10 days after your anticipated arrival date. Although we will have this date locked down, you may stay in communications should your little one decide to arrive early or late, and if necessary we can reconsider your session date. My style of these sessions is to take them right in your home so everyone feels most comfortable and everything that may be needed is readily accessible. I provide one faux sheepskin blanket, but any other props would be provided by the client. No more than 2 outfits are recommended for the infant, but I highly recommend sticking to one. Parents and other family members (pets and other children) are more than welcome to have photos taken with the little one during this session as well.

New Parents


Take $75 off the total price when you book both sessions at the same time. Sessions must be booked at the same time to receive discounted pricing. Cancellations are subject to an additional charge to cover the cost of a previously honored discount. Payment can be made in full at the time of the first session, or divided per session.

Invite up to 4 friends for each of you to receive your session with $50 off the listed portrait session price. Each of you will receive individual session time as well as photos together to mark your friendship(s). Each friend receives their own online gallery with your individual session photos as well as copies of the group photos.   

Please review Pricing Breakdown / A La Carte page for additional cost information.

0-40 miles from wakefield, ri
30+ min, 25+ edited photos

Tier 1

30+ min, 25+ edited photos

Tier 2

Tier 3

30+ min, 25+ edited photos


How long will it take to receive my photos?

Portrait session delivery dates are guaranteed to be within 3 weeks of the session date. Should you be interested in Expedited Delivery options, please find more information about this in Portrait Customizations

What happens if the weather is not working in our favor?

Since New England weather tends to be wildly unpredictable, my typical policy is to be in touch within 2.5hr of the session start time to determine whether or not to reschedule. If your session is before 10:00am then the decision will be made by 7:00pm the evening prior. Should you wish to make the call sooner, you can always reach out to reschedule at any point in time. Please note that during “busy season” (May-October), sometimes rescheduling might mean looking much further down the road in our calendars given limited availability or may not be able to be accommodated at all, so I encourage my couples to keep an open-mind, be adventurous, and let the circumstances play out as nature intends. However, ultimately, it will be my decision whether or not the weather circumstances would be either detrimental to my equipment or unsafe.

How long is my gallery active?

Your gallery is active online with all its available features for 3 months, beginning the date of gallery delivery and not the date of the session.

Am I able to share my gallery?

You have the full ability to share the link to your gallery with anyone that you choose or on any platform you would like to post it. Please note that anyone with the link to the gallery will have the same level of access to the photos as you do.

When is final payment due, is there a deposit, and what methods are accepted?

There is no deposit to secure your session date. Final payment for the session is due the day of the session. Methods of payments accepted are cash, check, and Venmo (http://www.venmo.com/laura-sarlitto).

How many people can I bring to participate in my session?

Any pricing listed can cover up to 6 people over the age of 16 (children under 16 are at no additional fee). Additional people are $45 per person in addition to the base session price. There is no maximum number of people permitted for a session, but this number must be discussed upon booking.