Trust me, I totally get it – for whatever reason, you two are ready to pack your bags, throw on some rugged shoes under that dress, and sign up for truly the adventure of a lifetime! There are SO many reasons why elopements are simply fantastic and work better for many couples. It really allows the moment to be simply about the two of you – taking on the world together, signing up for better or worse, richer or poorer, forever and always.
Packages available accommodate ALL my adventure lovers, near and far, which means you don’t have to be from Rhode Island, New England, or anywhere in the US to take advantage of the services offered, so let's find out how to perfectly capture your first adventure together as Mr+Mrs...

Congratulations on deciding to have the elopement of your dreams!

Wish List Destinations


Whether you are looking for a few hours of coverage or a full day experience, I will be with you every step of the way to plan your perfect elopement. Anything from flowers, locations, permits, and other logistics, I will be your travel planner, and most importantly a trusted friend, here for the two of you and ready to capture it in all its unique glory!
My dream is to make your dream come true. I take pride in planning your special day with you as much as I do capturing it. Not one elopement has or ever will be the same - that is the coolest part of eloping! You want some "smile at your camera" portraits of course, but what you actually want are those un-posed, unplanned moments of you two in love, having fun, and enjoying your special, intimate day.

Please note these packages are considered to be very intimate, so it will cover an elopement of just the Mr and Mrs (and of course your JOP, and maybe a fur baby or two). Should you have envisioned a small number of guests, minimal hours, and a location or two, please review Weddings as Package One would most likely fit your needs.


Yes, it's true - your pup can legally be a witness, and sometimes even your officiant! Read more about unique witness requirements here.

I am a certified JOP and can legally marry you in the state of Rhode Island!  If you are eloping in the littlest state of the US, I can legally sign your marriage license and allow you to read your own vows to each other as your ceremony to keep your elopement private and personal.  All you need to make sure of is that you have the individuals necessary that can pre-sign your license as witnesses.  (please note, this is an additional $65 fee to your elopement package)

Self-uniting marriage licenses can be legally obtained in eight US states (California, Colorado, Illinois, Kansas, Maine, Nevada, Pennsylvania) and in the District of Columbia. That said, requirements and stipulations do vary by state, and sometimes even vary by counties within a state so you will still want to make the right phone calls ahead of time to be sure. However, isn't it super cool to know that you can legally perform your own ceremony in the regions?


First let’s just picture what comes to mind when we say “wedding…”

Regardless of location, we think guest count, first dances, cocktail hours and dinners, themed decor, etc. Whether you invite 20 people or 200, regardless of where it is taking place, the day is still outlined as a wedding would expect to be, which means the time and work commitment of a photographer will not vary.

Now let’s picture what an elopement looks like…

Words that come to mind are intimate, private, scenic, and adventuring…a quiet celebration of commitment between two people. Looks and feels a lot different than that of a wedding, right? These are the factors that are why weddings are meant for some and elopements are meant for others. Both of them are beautiful, but each requires a different kind of support from its photographers.



(covers up to 40 miles from my starting point)

(covers 41-65 miles from my starting point *$2.25 per additional mile)

Pricing cross-referenced with above information through the Wedding Investment Portfolio and negotiated based on travel circumstances. Contact directly for a quote.


(outside of New England, US, covers the rest of the world)

Elopements require a 50% non-refundable retainer fee that is applied to your balance due. No contract is necessary, but an Elopement pamphlet will need to be submitted.