Experience is the hardest kind of teacher.


 It gives you the test first and the lesson afterwards.

So many times I would say the same things to myself…”why didn’t anyone ask them that,” “did no one else tell them about this,” “I should really include this piece of information in the questions I ask ahead of time,” etc. It was only a few years ago I had an epiphany – couples aren’t creating smooth timelines because, more times than not, they just don’t know! As a vendor, we cannot expect that our couples know what we know – how long things should take, all the ins-and-outs and helpful tips. They’ve never done it before! That was when I stepped in and began creating timelines for my clients, asking them about their dream wedding, what they had already booked, relationships between families and friends, so that right off the bat at the very beginning stages of their planning, my couples could proceed with confidence with answers to all the questions they didn’t know were coming from other vendors and a firm hand to on to with me.

I heard many, many times, “you should go into wedding planning professionally,” and to be honest, I thought about it, but my love for the photography portion supersedes everything else. However, it occurred to me that I could offer my years of experience outside of my direct clientele, so that anyone could have access to everything and everyone I know.

The experience I provide my couples with today was created one step at a time (or if I’m being honest, one problem at a time) over the course of many years and many weddings.

Your hands can only reach so far; 


so much further

& together we can reach

However, maybe the support provided by your venue feels sub-par, maybe hiring your own coordinator puts a strain on your budget or may even be way outside of it, maybe it is simply because you have absolutely NO idea where to start. It’s all good, I got you!

First of all, let me preface all of this by saying I highly recommend having a coordinator if your budget allows for it, and if you need recommendations of people I have found to be the BEST manager of your team, let me know! 



$100, up to 60 minutes, virtual meeting (request in-person for an additional fee)
Ideally should be scheduled directly following securing your venue, or between 1-3 months of being engaged.

One Initial Consultation

  • Access to my vendor list
  • Creation of a timeline
  • Notes for your vendors based on the timeline
  • Tips and a check-list for you and your fiance


$190, up to 60 minutes each, virtual meeting (request in-person for an additional fee)
First being ideally scheduled directly following securing your venue, or between 1-3 months of being engaged, and second being ideally scheduled 6-8 weeks before your wedding date.

Two Consultations

  • Access to my vendor list
  • Timeline creation, to be edited as needed at second meeting
  • Notes for your vendors based on the timeline, to be edited as needed at second meeting
  • Tips and a check-list for you and your fiance, adapted for both the initial planning stages and final planning stages
  • Ironing out fine details
  • Creation of family photo arrangement list for photographer
  • Reminder check-list

Request to schedule a meeting anytime in between the first and the last.
$75, up to 45 minutes for each meeting, virtual only

Additional Meeting Requests

“Laura was courteous, professional, and absolutely outstanding throughout my entire wedding planning process to not just me and my husband but to ALL of my vendors. From our very first meeting we could see her extensive knowledge of the true timeline of a wedding and trusted that she knew exactly what she was doing and what had to be done to make the day run smoothly, even outside of “just” photography. She was - and still is - easy to reach and quick to respond, and her experience in the field has made her a pro at answering even the most absurd questions. On the day of the wedding, every vendor worked off of the timeline Laura came up with for us and they all said themselves how organized and simple the day was because of it. Every bump along the road of planning seemed to be ironed out gracefully with suggestions and notes by Laura. From the very beginning of the day and ending until the second she left, Laura orchestrated the day beautifully and perfectly. Her work speaks for itself and she is always taking the extra step to ensure you feel EXTRA special for your special day!” 

-Sarah P


"My experience of working with Laura as our wedding photographer was not only great because of her amazing photography work and experience, but she had such helpful knowledge and insight of what goes into a smooth day-of wedding timeline and all helpful things leading up to our wedding! She helped organize our entire day starting from when to have my hair and makeup artists arrive, when to leave for our venue, exact times for family and bridal party to arrive for photos, and every other timeline detail in between that a bride could think (and not think) of!! Laura also provided us with advice leading up to our day including the pros of having a first look versus not, and how this would affect our day/timeline. She recommended different hotel locations to get ready at the day of the wedding, and recommendations for other vendors she had worked with as well. This expert knowledge truly helped us SO much; it felt like she doubled as our wedding coordinator/planner at times! Having such an organized timeline reduced so much stress on our end and really helped the day go so smoothly! I can not recommend Laura enough not only as your wedding photographer, but in a supportive role leading up to it, and a day-of best friend."

-Laura D


"Weddings are nothing short of the most magical time of your life. However, it commonly becomes one of the most stressful events we plan. Most dream of their weddings, and making the day everything they have ever wanted. With many brides and grooms working full time, having families, and other events scheduled, you quickly learn just how overwhelming planning your day can become. If I learned anything from my own experience, hiring the right people you trust with your vision, who can not only make it become a reality, but even better, is key. Laura is that person for you. Her photography skills speak for themselves, but what many don't know is how helpful Laura is with everything that comes before that, from an itemized schedule of events with the day catered to you to keeping all your people in line, and so much more. Before our big day, she also helped us with any vendors we needed, let me know when each check-mark on my long to-do list should be done, and relieved so much stress with all her attention to detail. She has a bunch of recommendations for vendors she personally can vouch for and knows they'll help make the best day possible, which created the best team I could have ever asked for on my wedding day. As many are planning their wedding with little to no experience in planning one, trust her to guide you when needed. Having someone like her is key to a successful event, with nothing but happy memories of the planning process, as it should be! I would never have made it through my wedding planning without Laura by my side, constantly lending a hand when needed"

-Casey F.