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Confession – one of my absolute favorite things is to be a part of the dream-discovery process and a very large part of that begins by defining your brand, or as I like to phrase it, remembering who you are. Your brand will, and should, look different and, surprise – your brand is NOT your job (although the line may run thin for some of us entrepreneurial spirits). So what is your brand then? It’s easy to define the “what,” like “what you wear,” but your brand is more about the “how,” like “how you wear it.” Let’s start building it together…and have some fun along the way!


Did you know I also run another business? Laura Ink Media specializes in assisting individuals and small/local businesses discover their brand, as well as build it from the ground up. Get in touch and we can chat all about it! Find out everything I can help you with on top of your photo needs - brand definition, logos, websites, social media maintenance, etc.

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Modeling and branding is exceptionally catered specifically to you, so I could dance around with more details, but the short of it is that everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) should be a reflection of you. As a result, we will communicate A LOT about what this session will look like for you, from the location to the outfits. And should you choose, you can receive the added bonus of a mini consultation with how your photos can be used/displayed to help enhance your success with your photos. At the session itself, we will engage a lot in order to create those candid vibes that we all connect with and throw in a dash of headshot-type photos in between. The goal is to establish a connection with your ideal client, and only photos that feel engaging create that type of relationship prior to ever saying a word. How do you get that? By having our own relationship first in order to really capture the true you behind the lens.

What to wear

Darker colors tend to be more flattering, and flat colors keep the attention on you rather than what you’re wearing. So as you can see, your outfit(s) may or may not be a big part of your session. For example, if you’re a real estate agent, your outfit should be clean, classic, and comfortable so that the focus is on your face, creating a natural connection with your clients. However, if you’re a fashion designer or boutique owner, your outfit is everything and SHOULD be displayed. Your outfit decisions will be particularly important, and something we can absolutely do together. It is not uncommon to text photos before the session to get advice/opinions, or to even pack a small suitcase if you are unsure and we will pick them out right at your session.  

The rule-of-thumb with picking out your outfits is to avoid bright, neon colors, graphics, and/or bold patterns – unless intentional.

This should include a minimum of 3 colors – a dominant, a secondary, and a highlight/passive color. Review your current web presence and make sure your outfit will not result in you blending in, but rather standing out and at the same time matching your current/prospective brand color palette.

PLEASE NOTE – mini sessions come with one outfit and full sessions should not exceed two outfits. For longer session times and/or questions about outfit changes, please inquire directly.

Do consider your current brand color palette. 


Please review Pricing Breakdown / A La Carte page for additional cost information.  Prices listed below do not include necessary/requested rental spaces for hosting your session.

0-40 miles from wakefield, ri
30+ min, 25+ edited photos

Tier 1

30+ min, 25+ edited photos

Tier 2

Tier 3

30+ min, 25+ edited photos